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Looking for a room to rent in Milan?
Finding a room to rent in Milan might seem challenging, but with RentYourNest, it becomes a simple and quick experience. RentYourNest is a platform full of rental listings for all needs, perfect for both those looking for accommodation and those wanting to rent out their property.

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32041 rooms, studios and apartments for rent in Milan

Via Roberto Sarfatti , Milano
Comfy single room
16 m2
3 bathrooms
6 bedrooms
1005€ / month
From 2024-06-19
Via Numa Pompilio , milan
Monolocale in affitto a San Vittore, Milano
0 m2
1 bathrooms
2410€ / month
From 2024-09-03
Via Gressoney , Milan
Via Gressoney, Milan
110 m2
897€ / month
From 2024-06-18
Via Fratelli Bronzetti , Milan
Bronzetti 9
1 bathrooms
3 bedrooms
2000€ / month
From 2024-10-15
via monte velino , milano
Bilocale molto luminoso in zona tranquilla e servita
50 m2
855€ / month
From 2024-06-18
Via Giovanni Bellezza , Milano
Camera Singola Via Bellezza
700€ / month
From 2024-06-18
Corso Ventidue Marzo , Milan
Corso 22 Marzo 32/1
3 bathrooms
3 bedrooms
12000€ / month
From 2024-06-18
Via Giovanni Aurispa , Milan
Via Giovanni Aurispa, Milan
80 m2
770€ / month
From 2032-08-01
Viale Monte Nero , milan
Monolocale in affitto a Gustalla, Milano
0 m2
2410€ / month
From 2024-09-25
Via Carlo Botta , Milano
Confortevole stanza singola con aria condizionata e portineria
17 m2
2 bathrooms
4 bedrooms
1045€ / month
From 2024-10-01
Via Cesare Beruto , Milano
Comfy single room
16 m2
1 bathrooms
4 bedrooms
890€ / month
From 2024-08-15
Viale Monte Grappa, 20124 Milano MI, Italy , milan
Sofisticato monolocale a Garibaldi, Milano
50 m2
1 bathrooms
2600€ / month
From 2045-10-12
Via Emilio Morosini , Milan
Via Emilio Morosini, Milan
42 m2
1700€ / month
From 2024-06-11
Via Tagliamento , Milan
Tagliamento 3
1 bathrooms
1 bedrooms
1500€ / month
From 2024-07-31
Via Marco Ulpio Traiano , Milano
Appartamento Via Marco Ulpio Traiano, Milano, MI, Italia
107 m2
1900€ / month
From 2024-06-18
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Renting an apartment in Milan
If you're looking for a tenant for your apartment in Milan, register on RentYourNest and create a listing by carefully choosing the title and description. You can upload photos to make your listing more attractive and provide additional details to make it more comprehensive. Once published, you will receive notifications when other users show interest in your listing, request information, or seek direct contact to send an email or call you.

Rooms for rent in Milan
On RentYourNest, you will find numerous rooms or apartments for rent, suitable for students, young professionals, or families. If you're searching for a rental accommodation in Milan, whether it's an apartment, a single room, or a double room, RentYourNest allows you to contact hundreds of advertisers, including private individuals, landlords, or agencies, free of charge.

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